<![CDATA[Moodys' Favorite Things - Quarterversaries]]>Wed, 18 Nov 2015 00:52:56 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Bodies, Bennie's, Bayside and Bratz]]>Wed, 14 Mar 2012 02:29:49 GMThttp://moodys.weebly.com/quarterversaries/bodies-bennies-bayside-and-bratzZayana is in town! We decided to take a quick trip to NYC to see Bodies: The Exhibition and to visit with family. What an educational time. If you have not already visited this exhibit, we highly recommend it. You can find Bodies at Pier 17 at South Street Seaport.

"BODIES...The Exhibition offers an intimate and informative view into the human body. Using an innovative preservation process, the Exhibition allows visitors to see the human body's inner beauty in educational and awe-inspiring ways. Our Exhibitions have over 200 actual human bodies and specimens meticulously dissected and respectfully displayed, offering an unprecedented and wholly unique view into the amazing body."
Before taking a tour of our skeletal, muscular, digestive, circulatory, nervous and reproductive systems,  we FEASTED at Bennie's Thai Cuisine on 88 Fulton Street - just two blocks away from South Street Seaport..  We had roasted Chicken with plum sauce, these delightful things they call "Curry Puffs, fried rice with veggies and pineapple, roti with curry chicken, and more! When Bill and I were dating, this place solidified a warm place in our hearts. The service was fabulous and we are looking forward to going again.
Today, we took the long way back home from home. Before hitting the Cross Island Parkway, we hit Golden Crust. YUM. We stopped at the Bayside Marina off of the Cross Island Parkway to have a picnic lunch by the water. There is something about taking the time to be still by a body of water that is healing for the body and the soul - even if the body of water is next to a busy highway. Zayana had a good time traversing the rocks. At one point, I think that she was just meditating. It was nice family time. After lunch and bayside peacetime, we took the nearly 3 hour ride back to upstate NY.

How did we end out evening? Watching Desert Jewel... yes the Bratz Movie! This was, in our opinion, a very good movie for young girls.  Now, Zay is resting, I am blogging and Papa Bear is doing random PC things - right by my side.
<![CDATA[Long Overdue - Sweet Memories of Maine]]>Wed, 28 Dec 2011 06:20:44 GMThttp://moodys.weebly.com/quarterversaries/long-overdue-sweet-memories-of-maineWe spent our first anniversary in Ogunquit, Portland and Freeport Maine and we would love to do it again! We learned that if one is going to Ogunquit, it is best to plan to arrive before the holiday weekend. There is a certain bliss of being able to cross the street in less than 10 minutes, park for free, and drive faster than 2 miles per hour that we take for granted. There are no such privileges in Ogunquit on Memorial day. If you want to feel like a human sardine, then by all means go to Ogunquit on a summery holiday! How do I know the difference?  We experienced the best and worst of both worlds. Picture
Moon over Maine Bed and Breakfast
We left Thursday afternoon for the 4 hour drive to cozy Moon over Maine Bed and Breakfast. Our room, the Mars Room, had the coolest bathroom and it had a balcony . The room was small, neat, decorated nicely and quite inexpensive compared to the other options in the area. The Innkeepers, Rick and Mark were very accommodating and informative, directing us to all of the cool spots to eat and get dessert. That evening, we were directed to the Front Porch restaurant where we had a fun time people watching and filling up on a good late night meal.

The Front Porch Restaurant
We opted not to sing Karaoke and instead we walked around a bit. We were tired and cold, so we wanted to get back to the room. Moon over Maine is filled with snacks  - healthy and unhealthy. If we had the midnight munchies, we would not have had to look very far. The only weird thing about the room we stayed in was that the toilet partially blocked the entry into the shower. You had to sort of climb into the very artistic and well tiled shower. So at first glance, the bathroom looks amazing, but when you go to use it, you realize that this was not a well-designed blueprint.  

The next day we headed further north to Portland, where we checked into our home for the remainder of our anniversary, the Morrill Mansion. We think Mr. Morrill made his fortune in baked beans. 

David, our host was FANTASTIC. This man knows his restaurants. I (Rachel)  need to remember to mail him a Groupon that I may not be able to use. Our room was amazing. My pictures are MISSING :-( They may be on my old PC that somersaulted onto the floor several months ago.  I would love. love, love to stay here again  - and so would Moods.

There is still more to share, but this is a slow work in progress. By the time, we get this entry done, we will be working on year 3!
<![CDATA[With No Particular Place to Go]]>Mon, 07 Mar 2011 16:49:04 GMThttp://moodys.weebly.com/quarterversaries/with-no-particular-place-to-goPicture
Picture from: http://mvny.org/images/places/georgios-outdoor-seating.jpg
I posted the following review to Tripadvisor. There are some revisions here.

Bill and I love to take impromptu drives. It gives us a chance to talk and steal away from the steady hustle and bustle of our lives. Last night, our drive landed us in New Hartford, New York near Utica.

If you are not looking for Georgio's Village Cafe, you will drive right past it. We were merely looking for a place to grab a cup of tea and a something to munch on. I happened to  see a patroned filled cafe out of the corner of my eye and we decided to stop.  Instead  of a medium chais and a pastry, we feasted on some mouth-watering greens, chicken francsaise, chicken riggies, mozzarella sticks, steamed veggies, and tossed salad. Oh - and a lemon marscapone cake to top it all off. Yeah - this was much better than what we had in mind!

Ok, let me take a step back. There are two entrances into the restaurant. You may enter from the back parking lot which places you in an ultra narrow hallway snuggled next to the bathroom doors or you may enter from Genesee St. which places you in a very cramped "bar". There are about 6 tables for people who are waiting to be seated for dinner, but if it is packed as it was when we were there, you will be standing for a long time. I can't imagine how cramped it must get when there is inclement weather. The tiny space did not turn us away because the smell of the food was amazing. Also, you could tell that the other waiting patrons were regular customers who would wait 2 hours if necessary. We waited for about 45 minutes. We had the privilege of speaking to one regular patron who told us that it was worth the wait and that we had to try the greens.

Utica Greens - Oh the greens! Apparently, Utica greens is a famous regional dish. It is usually comprised of escarole, chopped italian peppers, tomatoes, breadcrumbs, parmesean cheese and some type of prosciutto or salami. 
We were told that every restaurant has their own version of the greens and that there was some rivalry about who makes the best . The greens, which we ordered without the pork, were just scrumptious.

What we did not know at the time was that the "Chicken Riggies" were also part of Utica Fare. There is actually a Riggie Fest. In addition to Utica greens and  chicken riggies, there is also something called halfmoons. These are black and white cookies that originated  in Utica, NY at the famous Hemstrought's Bakery in the early part of the 20th century .

The waitress we had was very attentive, which impressed us because the place was swamped with customers. The dining space is romantic, but really snuggy. They have mastered the art of fitting the maximum amount of people in the little space.

We would definitely eat there again. Actually, if we were in the area, we probably would not eat anywhere else.

<![CDATA[Providence/Newport, Rhode Island]]>Thu, 24 Feb 2011 00:07:15 GMThttp://moodys.weebly.com/quarterversaries/providencenewport-rhodes-islandSome time after we were married, Bill and I took a trip to Rhode Island.  Probably the coolest thing that happened to us was stumbling upon a jazz concert in the middle of the street. It was quite romantic. If we were drinkers, we could have ordered a drink of wine. I think that we hung out at the concert for over an hour.
Sawadee Thai
Sawadee Thai is a really tiny restaurant with no bathrooms for customers!!!!!  The food was tasty and the servings were just enough to fill you - not enough for you to have anything worth a doggy bag.

Picture from http://www.kabobandcurry.com/
Kabob & Curry
It is always a good sign when an Indian restaurant is patronized by Indians. Kabob & Curry is a colorful resuaturant as you can tell from the picture. The funky decor and tantalizing smells gave us high hopes for the cuisine. They served good and tasty portions. The glass walls allowed us to people watch with glee.   We loved it. They had bathrooms.

The Newport Cliff Walk  is a great place to go if you want to walk, walk, walk some more and then walk and keep walking! I thought that there was an end to the cliff walk, and may there was, but it did not appear. Check out our pictures above. We definitely took the time to "smell the roses". If we went to Newport again, we would probably skip the walk unless we ate heavily and wanted to make up for our gluttony. We might visit some of the castles - castlesque homes in the area.  

Waterfire could not have been more romantic and inspiring. Apparently went on the best night. On the last night of waterfire Providence uses the grand event to raise money for breast cancer research and to honor survivors. The locals told us that, the regular nights of waterfire are not so exciting. Bah Humbag! It was pretty amazing. Everything seemed to be a symbol for victory, survival and transcendance. Bill and I were pretty impressed and pretty hungry when the whole thing was over. 
Picture from http://www.tealuxe.com/
I would LOVE for Tealuxe to come to the Capital Region. Apparently this franchise is located only in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Providence Rhode Island. This, as you might tell from the name is a teahouse with a very local coffee shop feel. If you have been to several tea spots, you will know what I mean. If we pass through Cambridge or Providence any time soon, we will certainly patronize Tealuxe repeatedly.

<![CDATA[Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts]]>Thu, 17 Feb 2011 23:49:26 GMThttp://moodys.weebly.com/quarterversaries/firsttimeshelburnePicture
On March 29, 2010 I took Bill to Shelburne, Mass for a birthday excursion. This was plan C on a list of birthday ideas since the weather did not get the memo about plan A or B! We began the day as friends and we we ended the day as a couple. A few months later, in the presence of my family, Bill proposed. In other words, Shelburne has a special place in our memories.

Shelburne is the kind of town where, if you live there, everyone knows your name. It is very small, very picturesque, very friendly and very supportive of their local economy. If you want locally grown - locally made - locally raised anything, then visit just about any store in the town. The people there are so very friendly. We were actually given a mini-guided tour for 20 minutes by some of the local folk! For lunch, we had one of the best mac and cheese ever at Mccusker's Market, a food coop. We also had amazing cookies - freshly baked and filled with chocolaty - nutty goodness!

Picture from http://www.greenfieldsmarket.coop/
Throughout the day we visited several of the local shops. We spent ample time enjoing the view from outside Mole Hollow Candles and stacking up on our candle supply. The main Mole Hollow store is in Sturbridge, MA.

We did not get a chance to sample any treats from the local creamery, but this is one of our favorite places so, we probably will sometime this summer.

We have been to Shelburne twice since our first expereince. We checked out Ollie's Downunder for dinner. I (Rachel) cannot remember what I had or whether I liked it.